Welcome to our association of Young Scientists in the Biomedical field in Switzerland ( This society is the Swiss national chapter of the Young Scientists Forum (YSF) and is integrated in the Swiss Society for Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine (SSB+RM). The aims at representing the interests of the younger (<40) members of the SSB+RM as well as other young scientists in the biomedical field. This is a forum for communication between all participants interested in biomedical research and its clinical and industrial applications.

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Activities activities are dedicated to all young scientists active in biomedical, and particularly biomaterial and tissue engineering, fields in Switzerland. Our aim is to provide a platform for networking, collaborations, providing help and advices, information for education and career opportunities, etc.

The organizes the CH-YSF (swiss chapter of the young scientist forum) events within the SSB+RM annual meetings. During these events students are encouraged to present their work as well as to interact with mentors and colleagues. Furthermore we help in organising lab visits hosted by members of the SSB+RM to allow students a deeper insight into current technologies applied in the field.

The aims to actively encourage dialogue with senior scientists during meetings. We also believe that further education is crucial for young scientists and we will try to support this with organized workshops.


Provide a platform for open job/ PhD/ PostDoc positions on our website and during meetings.